Terms of Conditions
Our Networks Rules

Copy Rights
We don't allow any company or individual, who wants to host wikileaks or such kind of websites at our servers. If any of client on shared hosting account or client on reseller hosting account or any client of client hosted by CADEEN found than all of his accounts will be terminated without any notification.

Satisfaction Guaranteed
30 Day Guarantee Statement (Only for Shared Web Hosting, Reseller Hosting and VPS Servers)
Shared Hosting Accounts/Reseller/VPS Servers.

If for any reason you are unhappy with the services you receive from CADEEN during the first 30 days of service (Only Web Hosting), you may request in writing via email or via billing system.

You must also state a detailed reason as to why you are cancelling (as we request for any cancellation). We are the sole arbiter as to if your reason is a valid reason and if all possible steps were taken on your side and on ours to correct the situation causing the interest to cancel.

If client violated the terms and conditions and suspended in that case refund will not be offered also if He/She asked for cancellation and then agreed to continue using services can't ask second time for refund.
If client asked for any work during the 30 days like website transfer etc.. he/she has to pay the admin fee 35$/hour as you are no more willing to use our services so all free support for which you were entitled will be no more free so he/she has to pay expenses.

Mail Systems
The number of emails sent from all email accounts at the same domain name cannot be more than 100 per hour.
Mail Send Attchment file size Max 20 MB
Mail Receive Attchment file size Max 20 MB. if you need to increase this usage you ought to register on Dedicated Server on any anther company.

This Services Not Refundable - When Cancelled in the First 30 Day's
Domains Fees Not Refundable.
Dedicated Servers are Not Refundable in any case.
Website and Billing Software Not Refundable.
Dedicated IP and SSL Certifications Not Refundable.
Just Shared, Reseller, VPS Hosting Can Reundable in the First 30 Day's.

When the client want to cancel his account on CADEEN he only is responsible for his Backups, Databases and Files When moving from CADEEN to Another company.

Overage Charges
Our service plans are designed to accommodate the majority of usage scenarios given the needs of our customers. However, your usage may vary and require additional allocations, specifically in the areas of storage and traffic. We will never charge your card automatically if your account requires more resources. You must keep your email address updated within your cPanel, so that you may receive an email when your account reaches certain limits determined solely by our system, ie. bandwidth exceeded limit warning at 80% at which time you may contact us to purchase a higher transfer quota for your account. If you do not contact us, the system will suspend your site if your allotments exceed.

Account Suspension
If, for any reason, CADEEN detected that you are violating the terms or found in misbehave activities or talking against website to defect the reputation of company your account could be get suspend and you will have to Fax, Email some documents with a letter in which you will accept your mistake and will promise not do it again + 50$ fine which will not be refundable and challengeable. All suspended accounts will subject to deletion after 7 days if we not get the required documents and payment on time.

Refunds/Account Termination in the 30 Day's
If, for any reason, CADEEN fails to deliver said services, a prorated refund will be issued.
No refunds will be issued if abuse of our stated policies forces CADEEN to suspend or terminate your services prematurely.
In the event you request account cancellation, once your service has been cancelled your account will be suspended from use. It will then be deleted within 30 days. If for any other reason your account becomes suspended and remains suspended it will be deleted after a 30-day period.

Spamming is frowned upon and we take this matter very seriously, Anyone found spamming will be suspended without a refund. 
This includes: sending advertisements to multiple e-mail addresses at one time (unless under the use of an opt-in mailing list), or using forced attacks via e-mail.

The following items are not allowed, nor will ever be allowed on CADEEN servers: hosting viruses, or sending viruses via e-mail, or allowing users to download files with Trojans, viruses, or any harmful files, If you are looking to host this material, please look somewhere else.

High Load Upload
We don't allow any company or individual to Upload high video space size or high file size Although the storage is unlimited "The Space is open in the server storage" but we don't allow to upload high upload size - because the server will not response, the server will stop by this effect If any of client on shared hosting account or client on reseller hosting account or any client of client hosted by CADEEN under any offer or under any plan found than all of his accounts will be terminated without any notification - the client can take a dedicated server and he/she can choose his new plan on dedicated server to do this.

Your use of the Site will be subject to the most current version of the Terms of Use posted on the site at the time of such use. In addition, when using particular services or materials on this site, you shall be subject to any posted guidelines or rules applicable to such services or materials that may contain terms and conditions in addition to those in the terms of use. all such guidelines or rules are hereby incorporated by reference into the terms of use.
If you breach any of the Terms of Use, your authorization to use this site automatically terminates and you must immediately destroy any Materials downloaded or printed from the site.

This Site can be accessed from other countries around the world and may contain references to CADEEN products, services, programs that have not been announced in your country.
These references do not imply that CADEEN intends to announce such products, services or programs in your country.

CADEEN keeps backups every 7 day's "weekly".

CADEEN is not responsible for your negligence or you are not important to these Terms and Conditions or not read it carefully before subscription in our services.