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There are a lot of ways to define web hositng that are very application specific. In simple terms web hosting is the act of providing space on a server connected to the internet for hosting websites.

Webhosting services provide you a dedicated corner of the internet for your website files and applications to reside. CADEEN takes web hosting services one step further with their fully managed platform. What this means for you is that CADEEN is a full partner in your webhosting experience and stands by you every step of the way.

Absolutely. There are various types of web hosting services that work on different platforms. Each service type has different uses and it’s best to do research into which would benefit you the most. Across all of these listed services; there are always varying packages to help you decide what your use may be.

Shared Hosting: This is your basic web hosting. It is usually accompanied with a single domain and a few emails to allow for simplistic operations. This can be used for small blog, personal website or just an informational website. These are usually the most inexpensive and affordable for budget hosting.

Reseller Hosting: Super-charged shared hosting allows for multiple websites/domains each under their own account. This is typically used for those who require isolated environments or are sustaining multiple clients and their websites. Great for developers who don’t quite need a server themselves, but still require the ability to separate development.

VPS/KVM: This is the middle tier of web hosting. These servers allow for larger control over your environment. Different levels of resources can be dedicated to these services to support the wide-array of applications that may be needed. These are great for entry-level websites that are growing such as forums, blogs, etc.

Dedicated Servers: This is the top tier – if you need a dedicated server it’s usually due to resource-intensive applications or large traffic websites that require performance to handle accordingly. Dedicated servers can be customized extensively with different hardware such as Single CPU or Dual CPU. Large quantities of RAM such as 8gb, 12gb, 16gb, 24gb, 32gb. SSD drives in 256GB, 512GB or 1 TB format in either software or hardware RAID. These are just examples of what can be done with a dedicated server that allow it such ample resources. All of these can be adjusted to provide the right platform necessary for your needs to allow the most utmost in performance.

SSL Certificates secure your website and communication. They are designed to encrypt incoming data to protect server-client communications. Data that gets protected is ID’s, passwords, credit card numbers and so forth. Of course there is different types of certificates and you’ll need to know which one benefits you the most.

DV(Domain Validation): Designed for entry level server security certificates, these provide the lowest minimum level of validation provided by any of the main commercial certificate authorities. Simply providing control over the DNS of a domain is enough to validate or verify the ownership of a domain. In fact, if you can update whois records or DNS records, receive an email and send a reply or publish a nonce by an automated issuing system, then you qualify for a DV cert.

OV (Organization Validation): The next step beyond DV is OV. An organization validation SSL certificate is issued when someone can meet a criteria for receiving a DV certificate AND who can prove the organization's existence as a legal entity. In effect, control of a domain plus the fact it's associated with a legal company that's recognized by the appropriate national governmental agency in a given country.

EV (Extended Validation): The most highly respected and difficult to achieve SSL certificates, EV certs require meeting the criteria for DV plus OV as well as also needing to prove the legal identity of the buyer, who has to run the gauntlet of manual human checks. The green bar of the browser is the gold standard for SSL certificates, where banks and other highly trusted organizations typically tread. Your site can enjoy the incredible trust found with the green bar - something that results in increased conversion rates, decreased bounce rates and overall trust increases. An EV SSL certificate is the gold standard for trust.

A good backup system has certain requirements. It should be: free, dependable, off-server, with regular snapshots and all being automatic. CADEEN web hosting includes all these in our backup system.

Our backups are free of charge to our customers. While it costs us a lot of money - we know it's an essential for any responsible website owner, so we include the backup system - free of charge.

Dependability is something we talk about all the time - because we have the best uptime in the industry. Our servers are online 99.99%+ of the time and our expert support staff are here around the clock.

Off-server means storing the backups away from the system it's backing up. This is done so that in the event of a catastrophic failure, lightning strike or spontaneously combusting bit of dark matter, the backups will be far enough away so that both systems won't go down simultaneously.

Snapshots are when the entire account has snapshots taken at intervals. While differential file level backups make sense, and are efficient, in some situations, taking full snapshots is how we can assure you the capability of rolling back a system that may have been compromised, had a database corruption or other major issue. It also means you can restore databases, email, files like images, html, css - everything in one go. It's quick and easy to work with - making restoration a click and go operation.

Yes! Every server and hosting account with CADEEN is fully managed by our tech team in Dallas, TX USA.

Simple - we aim to under-promise and over-deliver. We'd rather you be pleasantly surprised than disappointed with anything we do.

Of course. We don't provide any second class web hosting services to any of our customers. We aim for 100% uptime and provide full management to all our clients.

Generally, dedicated hosting plans are the fastest, with cloud VPS and SSD VPS running neck and neck in 2nd place. With our optimizations, you'll find all our web hosting is lightning fast. The shared, reseller and WordPress plans are also built on premium hardware, with premium networking and are optimized by our expert admin team. You won't be disappointed by any of our web hosting plans.

Web hosting support is fully available every day. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We always have staff on duty to monitor, repair and deal with hosting issues of all types and complexities.