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Your own dedicated mail server in isolated cloud container for maximum security and deliverability
E-Mail Storage 50 GB 100 GB 150 GB 200 GB
E-Mail boxes 10 50 100 200
E-Mail Domain 1 5 10 50
Web-based E-mail Yes Yes Yes Yes
POP3/IMAP/SMTP Yes Yes Yes Yes
Normal Spam Protection Yes Yes Yes Yes
Pro Spam Protection No Yes Yes Yes
Priority Support No No No Yes
FREE SSL Yes Yes Yes Yes
FREE Domain by ENOM ICANN No No No Yes
Dedicated IP Address No No No Yes
Never Blacklisted No No No Yes
SSL Certificates Yes Yes Yes Yes
Datacenter Location Dallas,TX and Atlanta, GA. Dallas,TX and Atlanta, GA. Dallas,TX and Atlanta, GA. Dallas,TX and Atlanta, GA.
30 DAY TRIAL First Month No No No No
Price (per month) $20 $35 $50 $65
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Email Boxes in Isolated Cloud Environment

Fast online business e-mail with officially mail company address


Enjoy the fastest web server on the market. LiteSpeed provides unparalleled performance benefits for your website.

Managed 24/7/365

All hosting packages are backed by our incredible team of engineers and technicians experience support like no other.

SpamFilter Control

Take control of your emails with our Spam filters. Create whitelists and blacklists to take control of your email!

Unbeatable Uptime

Uptime is important which is why we go to great lengths to ensure your website is online all the time.

WP-CLI Standard

Work a lot with WordPress? Check out WP-CLI! It comes standard with all accounts and can really streamline your WordPress workflow.

Ultimate Performance

Experience performance like no other. We know your website performance is critical, so we provide only the best of the best.

Fast Business Mail Hosting

Managed Business Mail Hosting with a great performace
Why CADEEN Business E-Mail?
  • The Benefits of Having Your Email Boxes in Isolated Cloud Environment
    Giving your emails a managed VPS for a home will ensure that your CPU and RAM cloud resources are yours and yours alone to use. While most email hosting providers can offer you nothing but shared hosting, we want to take you to the next level of security and performance. If you are using shared hosting for your emails, and if even one of the other hundreds of users on that shared server gets hacked or blacklisted, your services will also be negatively affected. The chances are that your sent emails will land in the recipients’ mailboxes with significant delays, or not get there at all, or land in the Spam.
    With the VPS, you will get complete protection and assurance that such a scenario will never happen. Since it’s a full-scale cloud service, you get the benefit of flexible scalability. With few clicks, you can always add or remove cloud resources based on your needs, and you will always pay just for what you really use. Also, cloud-based email is always up to date with the latest security patches and features, and you won’t need to purchase additional software.
  • A Professional Business Email Address
    Once you have a custom domain, you can set up sales and support email addresses to help your teams work those leads and requests and send out inquiries to help grow your business. Not to mention the Spam quality benefits. Recipients may flag your email for Spam even if it is a legitimate communication just because they don’t recognize the brand name. To avoid this, only use a custom domain name that matches your website, social profiles, products, and e-store.
    Every website can be protected via SSL, so why not enjoy a Comodo SSL certificate with your account? We provide one free so you can secure your domain hosted with CADEEN.
  • SECURITY - Imunify360
    Also included with your shared hosting is Imunify360, the automated security solution which is designed to protect your website from attacks, malware and much more. Again, we include it free of charge, because it's important.
    Just because your account is cloud-based doesn't mean you don't need a backup system. We provide secure, redundant, snapshot backups which are stored off-server and easily accessible by you - so that you can revert back to an earlier point in time. This is handy when data is corrupted, errors are made, defacement or any other scenario. Again, backups are at no additional cost - they come included.
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
    We don't want you to worry about keeping track of bandwidth so there are no bandwidth limits on our shared hosting packages.
Improve Your Business
    Performance matters - it impacts the user experience, can limit sales conversions, has a massive impact on search engine optimization, and should be a leading concern when you consider a host. That's why we use LiteSpeed and LSCache for a performance like no other. Normally an add-on expense, we included at no additional charge.
  • CONVENIENCE - Softaculous
    You want to spend time running your business or servicing clients and not dealing with hosting administration, which is why we've gone the extra mile by including the Softaculous 1-click installer (and its 400+ scripts) with your cloud account at absolutely no additional charge.
  • CONVENIENCE - Migrations
    Getting your domains, emails, databases, images and files moved from one host to another can be technical agony. At CADEEN, we remove that stress by handling the migrations for you. Quick, easy and with a minimum amount of downtime all for FREE.
  • Sleep tight with our advanced cybersecurity
    You can stop worrying that someone is going to hack your emails and steal your identity. SShield is the ultimate cybersecurity, developed entirely in-house and based on a decade of empiric experience. All this time, we were dealing every day with hackers, spammers, and abusers, and we know very well what weaknesses they are using to break in. Therefore, our cybersecurity software is not based on virus databases or hashes to catch malware. SShield follows logic, inspects code and processes to catch malicious activity. It can see which is the legitimate traffic and behavior and can find abnormal and unusual ones. If a malicious activity occurs, the system catches it immediately, gathers information, and sends the account owner a detailed report and a call-to-action. Instead of shutting down your service, what the other hosting providers will do in such cases, SShield gives you time to start securing and fixing the vulnerability immediately before anything worse happens.
  • Smooth Communication has Never Been So Important
    Communication has always been key in building a successful business. Our business e-mail hosting plans provide the features you need to have easy and smooth communication with your clients and business partners. We provide e-mail hosting to thousands of businesses all over the world, delivering the tools they need to handle their daily routines electronically. Companies require a business e-mail hosting plan because of its reliability. We run multiple e-mail servers at the same time. We can’t allow an important message to be missed. You will have 24/7 access to your e-mail box via the e-mail client on your computer, mobile device, or web mail. Each message sent to you will be inspected by a commercial antispam system, which will not allow a single spam message to be delivered to your inbox and waste valuable time. The professional antispam gateway we run filters 99.98% of the spam out of the box with no custom configuration. You will be able to access your e-mail addresses via IMAP and POP3. You will also be able to use a free shared SSL certificate to connect to the server and send encrypted data for maximum security. Make no mistakes and use an e-mail hosting service which will allow you to communicate quickly and easily without problems.